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Latest Trends in Kitchen Tiles 

Your kitchen is the heart of the home, and a perfect kitchen tile can not only enhance the functionality but also make your kitchen space a stunning focus room of your house. From attention-grabbing textured patterns to classic subway tiles, there is a wide range of varieties available for kitchen tiles in the market. When choosing kitchen tiles for your space, you should consider both the aesthetics and the functionality.

Before getting into the latest trends, let’s discuss the different types of kitchen tiles available.

 Types of Kitchen Tiles

GVT Kitchen tiles

Subway Tile

Subway tiles are easier to install and are inexpensive. They can fit in perfectly with any style, old-fashioned or brand-new. Coming in gloss or matte, whichever you decide on, it will give a stylish look to your kitchen walls. Moreover, they are good enough to resist splashes and spills on your kitchen walls while managing to make your kitchen look even trendier. With its numerous advantages subway tiles can be the perfect kitchen tiles for your space.

Terrazzo Tiles

The material of these terrazzo tiles is prepared by the composition of marble, granite, quartz, or glass chips. These tiles will work in high-foot-traffic areas like kitchen floors. Their composition makes them more durable and resistant to daily wear and spills on the kitchen tiles. Terrazzo tiles add depth and warmth to your kitchen, come in very flexible designs, and are easy to clean and maintain.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are the most affordable type of Kitchen Tiles. They are of great durability due to the composition made of clay, minerals, and water. Kitchen tiles from this material come in various colors, patterns, and textures to provide you with wellness. These kitchen tiles are fully resistant to moisture and heat, and thus, your kitchen will be perfectly suitable for that. Moreover, cleaning them is pretty easy.

Another option would be in the use of the glazed ceramic, which is scratch-proof and stain-proof due to its coating.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are only a slight improvement over ceramic tiles, in terms of their density. This makes them fit for heavy-traffic areas. They virtually dominate the scene in terms of durability. Because they are baked at exceedingly high temperatures, they are exceptionally strong. They easily withstand heavy traffic, falling dishes, moving appliances, and so on. In addition, it resists water very well. So spills, splashes, and cleaning are certainly no problem for porcelain, making them perfect for kitchens that are prone to moisture.

Wooden Tiles

Wooden tiles can offer that warmth and look of the wood but still give you the practicality of having tile. These are perfect for that rustic or modern farmhouse vibe in your kitchen.

Glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVT)

Glazed Vitrified tiles are an outstanding choice for kitchen tiles, keeping in mind the aesthetics, durability, and practicality. It is certainly not a headache to maintain such tiles. Just simple mopping and regular sweeping may give your kitchen tiles a crystal-clear look. These tiles never allow any type of stain to reside on their surface and protect your kitchen from spills and splashes. They have water-resistant properties which make them one of the best kitchen tiles for your space.

Latest Trends 2024

GVT Kitchen tiles

Now, let us look into the most talked-about trending kitchen tiles of 2024:

A Nature’s touch: Earthy tones and natural stone materials are at the top of the chart when it comes to adding a bit of nature’s touch and are doing wonders. Think tile leaving an appearance of marble travertine or slate, or proceed with handmade-look tiles that capture organic shifts in color and texture.

Zellige on the rise: Zellige, the Moroccan handcrafted tiles are becoming interior designers’ favorite because of their slightly irregular shape and beautiful glazed finish. Their imperfections add a touch of warmth to your kitchen tiles.

3D Dimension: If you feel like adding dimensions to your kitchen space, textured tiles are the go-to option. Look for 3-D wall tiles, herringbone patterns, or even mosaic tiles with a raised design.

Pops of Color and Bold Patterns: White kitchens have dominated for quite some time, but bolder choices are inching their way to the top. Do not shy away from colored tiles or bold geometric patterns, and Moroccan-inspired zellige is great for a no-other-statement-backsplash.

Twists on the Classic: The classic subway tile is here to stay, but refreshingly so. Think large format subway tile, vertical installation, or another color for grout for a refreshing twist on the classic look.

Of course, floors need to be durable, too. Bodied kitchen tiles are known for their strength all the way through, and they can be put up in easy, clean finishes of matte or gloss. You may go for texture or shape in your tiles, such as squares or hexagons, to create more interest. Try a palette that complements your cabinets and countertops—timeless black or brown tones give it a feel of luxury, whereas lighter shades like white or beige open it up a bit.

There are so many options available that deciding on the right one for your kitchen might seem overwhelming. When it comes to kitchen tiles, there’s more at risk than meets the eye.  This critical element needs to be both beautiful and functional. These tiles will arm you with the expertise to stride into the glossy world of kitchen tiles, to make sure you choose the perfect one that not only reflects your taste but also provides maximum durability, safety, and hassle-free cleaning properties. Now, let us look at the elements to be considered in choosing the perfect kitchen tile for your dream space:

Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Tiles

Porcelain Kitchen Tiles

With so many choices out there, deciding on the perfect one for your kitchen can be a bit overwhelming. In choosing kitchen tiles, however, it’s not all about the look. This is one very important aspect that should be beautiful and functional. These tiles will arm you with the expertise to dive into the glossy world of kitchen tiles, to make sure that you choose the perfect one that not only reflects your taste but also gives maximum durability, safety, and hassle-free cleaning properties. Now, let us look at the elements to be considered in choosing the perfect kitchen tile for your space:

Kitchen tile functionality: Use strong materials for your kitchen tiles to increase the functionality of the space. Tiles of this kind are made with either porcelain or ceramic and have relatively easy cleaning processes, plus a lower risk of breaking, getting scratched, or other defects. Other tiles are resistant to thermal shock, moisture, and stains. Consider the amount of flow your kitchen experiences and choose tiles accordingly that can survive daily wear.

R-ratings: Very common ratings for slip resistance in tiles are R9 and R10. The R9 rating provides average grip, thus suitable only for areas under dry conditions.  For kitchen use, R10 is the best option. It has a medium grip that sees a person clear even when the ground is wet, thus handling an occasional spill, making a person cook at ease with the floor being safe for the residual cooking spills.

Maintenance of kitchen tiles: Every tile is unique and will need a certain level of care. Natural stone tiles could require to be sealed from time to time. In these aspects, always go for the type of tile that can easily fit your lifestyle and cleaning habits.

Size and Scale: It is one of the important factors that depends on how large or small your kitchen area is. For example, the large kitchen can fit larger format tiles, whereas smaller kitchen space can be better adjusted with the small tiles.

Cost of flooring: While choosing the tiles for your kitchen, you should consider the cost of tiles and rates related to installing the tiles. You should also keep in mind the delivery and transportation costs. Keeping these in mind, you should find a kitchen tile that can best fit your budget.

Kitchen tiles will uplift the visual and practical quotient of your space. Being aware of the trends, various types, and other salient features while making your pick will enable you to select the ones that will be just right for the kind of kitchen you want. Drop in at our showroom in Pune or browse through our website online for a plethora of options in kitchen tiles that will be apt for your space.

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